What is Chamber Obscurities?

This site is devoted to spotlighting lesser-known chamber works and various instrumental music (solo piano, violin, cello, etc.) roughly from the late 18th century to the present. My definition of “chamber” is broad and employed here to distinguish small instrumental forces from the orchestral genres. Thus you’ll find anything from Onslow’s string quintets and Vieuxtemps’s etudes to Wagner piano transcriptions and cello sonatas by Lera Auerbach (b. 1973).

Reviews are written by me and posted in blog format below. There are special articles and record guides based on a particular theme to help intrepid collectors. Love anything that sounds like Brahms? Check out “The Brahmsians” where I list some of the best music from second-rank composers like Herzogenberg and Gernsheim. Are you animated by really dramatic, fiery, and turbulent chamber music? Read my “Sturm und Drang” page for recording suggestions.

I’m also compiling an index of composers currently represented in the discography. Each composer, organized by era, will have their own page containing a biographical sketch, a complete works list of their chamber and instrumental music, and a comprehensive collection of recordings arrayed by cover art for easy identification.


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